Commercial ESS

Smart Watt, Green World.

Power Station Rocky Series

  1. Ongrid and Offgrid Smooth Exchange
  2. Container Solution for Outdoor Scenario
  3. Level 3 Fast DC EV Charger
  4. Varius Load Including Smart Greenhouse and Cell Tower Sites
  5. Cloud-based energy management system (EMS) and smartphone APP

Use Case

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. Clean Oil and Gas Production
  2. Green Agriculture
  3. Highway New Energy Station

System Diagram

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. System Diagram with Product Connectivities

Level 3 DC Fast EV Charger

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. Level 3 DC Fast EV Charger 120KW&160KW 

SmartWatt EMS and APP

Smart Watt, Green World.

Our cloud-based EMS redefines energy management by offering real-time data processing, sophisticated energy analysis, and the ability to control multiple devices and respond to SCADA commands. Additionally, it pioneers in carbon accounting, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution for both commercial and residential energy needs.