Integrated ESS System

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. Solar/grid energy hybrid conversion
  2. State-of-the-art energy storage technology
  3. EV charging (AC/DC)
  4. Intelligent energy management system (EMS) and APP

3 in 1 Hybrid Inverter

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. ATI all-in-one Inverter
  2. One device for multiple applications
  3. Compatible with high/low voltage batteries as well as PV

Smart Power Bank

Power-Bank Yoho Series
Power-Bank Jasper Series

Smart Watt, Green World

  1. Jasper series: World’s thinnest power bank – only 8cm!
  2. 10+ Year ES life warranty
  3. Fully UL certified

EV Charger

Smart Watt, Green World.

  1. Bring the commercial EV FAST Charger home
  2. Full charge your EV in 2 hours
  3. Integrated with EMS and APP 

SmartWatt EMS and APP

Smart Watt, Green World.

Our cloud-based EMS redefines energy management by offering real-time data processing, sophisticated energy analysis, and the ability to control multiple devices and respond to SCADA commands. Additionally, it pioneers in carbon accounting, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution for both commercial and residential energy needs.